A Maroon Coat Reunion

Former Texas A&M Foundation Maroon Coats returned to Aggieland to reunite with one another.

On October 19, former and current Maroon Coats gathered at the Hagler Center for a reunion. “It was great to see the former Maroon Coats and hear about what they are doing now that they have graduated from Texas A&M,” said Maroon Coat Adviser Shannon Zwernemann ’03. “It’s also nice to see the former Maroon Coats interact with the current class. The program has grown immensely since it began. I’m very fortunate to be a part of this organization.”

The Maroon Coats serve as student ambassadors for the Texas A&M Foundation. Beginning as an eight member team in 2008, the Maroon Coats are now 25 members strong in their fifth class of students. “Maroon Coats have become the identifiable link between Aggie donors and the incredible benefit they provide to Aggie students,” said Texas A&M Foundation President Eddie J. Davis ’67.

  • Texas A&M Foundation employees had a great time visiting with the Maroon Coats, some of whom worked at the Foundation as student workers.
  • Maroon Coat Adviser Shannon Zwernemann '03 with former Maroon Coats Ben Fedorko '10 and Michael Schramm '08
  • Last Friday, past and present Maroon Coats returned to Aggieland to reunite before the LSU game.


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